Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FA Signing - Lou DeShields

The big signing of Lou DeShields has taken place. $110,000,000.00 over 5 years with a player option at the end. It is not often that a pithcer like this comes along, and becomes available on the open market. At 29 years of age and the all time leader in Strikeouts, Scranton is making a bid to contend. The question that always comes up with signings like Lou comes downto health and longevity. I have insider knowledge that Boise really didn't want to lose him but lacked the budget to get as high as 10M in bonus money. He is 30 and is coming off of 245 innings pitched last year. It is pretty likely that at the end of the contract his salary will be a negative, but enjoy the ride while he is the man! Other than Del Taylor there is no other pitcher like him in this league.

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  1. Also, no other FA has been signed for even 9M per season. DeShields is far and away the biggest dollar signing this year.